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by Worst Tongue

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released March 6, 2012

Recorded & Mixed @ Overflow Studio (Catania)
Mastered @ Lights Out Kill Studio (Manchester)



all rights reserved


Worst Tongue Catania, Italy

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Track Name: Ground Eater
Erupt explode flow down slowly cover this town
Shot shining stones in the air
Follow the red line in the sky
Giant scarred god
Shot shining stones in the air
A piece of myth and culture
Lies under you
Life is so fast
Back to the dust
Silent raving you don’t know mercy
You eat the ground
Shot shining stones in the air
Follow the red line in the sky
Sick culture funeral
Shot shining stones in the air
Everything will turn back to the ashes
A new sick phoenix will rise from the ashes
Track Name: Forced To Bleed
We are always forced to bleed
I had to bite my roots
The choice is to fight or to remain
Work hard slaps on the back
Stay down on your knees and obey
I had to bite my roots
A peaceful perspective
Well that is our life
Always following that fucking track
Wasted lives a sense of numbness
I could see a faint light
In the preamble of a reason
Cross the entries of the unknown
To discover the possibilities
There’s a place in the wrinkles of life
A spark of reaction to burn out in he clash
Track Name: Insect
Closed in your convinction of myths and beautiful cover pictures
Macho attitudes
And professional poses
You spit on our passion
If like sucks I’ll die last
To cut the face of a mosquito in two pieces
Track Name: Corpse
Worm and cockroaches will eat one’s fill
The earth will be refreshed
When I’ll die I will give my corpse back to the existing
Blood, flesh and secretions
Everything will come back to be the same
I like to stay in the lard
But I don’t want to be the bee
When I’ll die no one will shed a tear
I don’t want to blame
Track Name: Two Colours
An ancient practice full of wisdom
Temptation is in my hand
It’s knocking on your back
It’s knocking on my back
Pain like rain
We can feel rain over us
You said it, are you saying it again?
Forced into a place
Where we would be gods
We seem innocent victims
World is blowing up
Track Name: Knives Box
Sleeping with an open eye
The fingers scrape to incessant scratch
They always beat and thud
In a silent death
Frozen sweat
Of invincible anxiety
I’m still punching
My way out of there
But you’re always over me
I will be next to you
To share you with the other dogs
Six feet under you
Is this real or what?
I’ve got my pain in a box
There’s no breaking out
I got my knife in a box
Track Name: Ugly Ill Omen Bird
One or two words at the most
Deep black thoughts and sad expressions
I could walk all over you but
An adrenalin surge chokes me
I’ll give up dreaming one day
But I want to remember
If I have to get on
Or If I have get out
I choke myself with my hands
I’ll give up dreaming
And I don’t give a fuck
Track Name: Vultures Circle
I want to take a picture of your family slaughter
I want to be the sniper for your personal mail
Everything is trying to drag me down
But I can float on this shit
The vultures close in
A pleasure arrives
There’s no time to say
That you all die
Track Name: Greed
I’m a desperate adrift soul
Hot currents suck me into the guts
The weight of decades
Spent to consume
Me against the others
Between voracity and greed
No redemption
Can’t save yourself
Everyone is switching off
But the earth riot has no compassion
This is the final day
There’s no way out last fucking breath
Human race will be swept away
But the earth riot has no compassion
This is the final day
There’s no way out last fucking breath

And so where is your god now?

The sky is becoming black
The sea is rippling and won’t come back
The earth’s bowels are boiling
My future place is so far away
Everyone is switching off
But the earth riot has no compassion
Track Name: Walking Sorrow
One generation follows another
The word has been said
The holy spirit, the son and the father
Who’s the one I’ve paid?
I lead a life of quiet desperation
The time is right to fight
God’s son has to die
We are the walking sorrow
The time is right to fight
God’s son has to die
Everything is impassive and drowsy
Picked breach spreads life
Every bowel starts to move
Liberation screams flares in the air
We don’ t believe in each others
Just who dies pay off all of his debts
I’ve got no good news to report
I’m cynical, irregular, maybe I’m too swart
Track Name: Scorn
Everyone got a knife
Now that I got one too
I hate them all
Track Name: Black Sheep
A tree without roots
One in millions
this is the fate of
a nameless generation
you will know the bastard fruit
of our love and sacrifice
I’ll never been a prodigal son
Rather a black sheep
I lost the footsteps of my old man
Even before I followed them
You will know the bastard fruit
Of our love and sacrifice